Social Media Assistance Program

A social Media Assistance Program built to help curl specialists, braiders and locticians create a better representation on Instagram and Facebook and reach more clients while focussing on their work

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Do any of these sound familiar?


I just don't know what to post


I know I have to do something with hashtags but I don't seem to be doing it right


I'm not sure what captions to use for my photos


I don't know how to create graphics for my feed


Social media is so draining but I know I need it


I just don't have time for this

What if we told you that we could take care of it all for you.

We created SMAP because we noticed how hard it was for our stylists to keep up with their social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) because they were busy with their day to day work. It's really takes time to create content, research the right hashtags, create relatable captions, keep up with algorithm changes and get content out there consistently right? We offer a solution to this by creating content and posting consistently on behalf of the account holder.

How it works

Once signed up, we use the first 2 weeks to do research, collect information about your business and collect account information. Then we follow the process below to unbind you from your profiles.


Research & Planning

We research your business and figure out which content pillars work in favor of your business. Then we will plan your content visually so can have a front row seat to our process. 

Scheduling & Posting

We create relatable captions, graphics and use the right images your profile to post on your behalf and give you a consistent flow of content month to month.

Analyze Data

We review analytics monthly and make adjustments where needed.


Your freedom awaits

If you have questions, just send us a quick message and we will get back to you.