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Hairbrella Classic Rain Hat (100% Waterproof, Satin-Lined)


Kathy F.

Didn't know about this site, found curl jones in Pasadena, ca...had an awesome appointment, learned about new products! Contacted a couple of other salons, schedule did not work but I really like this site!

Modesty Nicole, CA

I happened to find natural hairstylist not far from me in Temecula Ca! Quite exciting❣️

Charlotte B.

Living in Los Angeles is hard to find a natural hair stylist. Thank the hair goddess for CurleeMe. They provided me with information and followed up to ensure that I found what I was looking for. Very professional!

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The Ultimate Guide to Butterfly Locs Protective Style

The Ultimate Guide to Butterfly Locs Protective Style

IMAGE SOURCE: @steph_theextras Protective styles have always been popular in the natural hair community. There have been a variety of different twists, locs, and braids that have become the top trendy protective hairstyles for naturals. There is a new protective style...

Protective Hairstyles: Protect Your Hair in Style!

Protective Hairstyles: Protect Your Hair in Style!

Maintaining healthy textured hair needs a bit more than just a shampoo and hair oil. Natural hair needs love, care, and a bit of patience. If you're looking for a fun way to keep your hair moisturized and healthy, protective hairstyles are the way to go! These kinds...

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