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6 Frequently Asked Questions by Curly Girls

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Ask a Hairstylist

Kandace Cummings at Anita Kurl Salon gives her perspective

What is the most critical aspect of getting a Curly Haircut? 

The most critical aspect of getting a Curly haircut is knowing what you can personally handle when it comes to the change we desire. 

We think that a haircut is just a haircut. No, a haircut is a change. And even more importantly, a change in our identity. We know that one wrong snip will lead to at least six long months of personal torture and lost self–esteem; therefore, haircuts can be terrifying. Let’s explore that terror.

As in everything around us, we see things, and there are things that we do not see. When it comes to our haircuts, we visualize our hopes of what we will look like; we see the salon, the stylist, the hair falling to the floor, the results, and then the unseen—the fear of the unknown, the joy, the excitement, the sassiness, the confidence or the emotions. 

It is essential to understand that when you come to get your haircut, all of your internal fears and childhood traumas will revisit through your lens of individuality. While this does not seem comforting, being aware of our identifiable mental process attached to every single haircut we receive is what is most important. 

Although taught to desire the shapes that we see on social media, the haircut requirements may not live in your comfort zone. You may receive what you asked for but may not like it. Before you ask for a considerable change, understand who you are.  You may believe that you want more volume, but if removing excess damage from your ends, focus on that as your priority, rather than both. 

Let your stylist inform you of a clear plan and path for your haircuts if you can not obtain your length and volume goals in one visit, plan how to accomplish those goals within the subsequent 2 – 3 visits.  Deeply consider how you will feel at the end of the haircut that you are requesting and if the shape is something you genuinely want, aligns with your growth goals, and will allow you to feel more confident, not just strangely different. 

How often should I get my hair cut? 

Because curly hair tends to take longer to reflect length due to the bends in the hair, it is recommended not to cut your curls as often as some of our straighter textured comrades. While the average haircut is every eight weeks, if you are seeking longer curls, that timeframe will not only hurt your progress but set you back. 

The following time frames are suggestions based upon your growth and length needs, curl patterns. If you straighten your curls, you will want to trim your ends much sooner than the recommendations below: 

  • Six to Eight weeks – 
    • Six to eight weeks is a great time frame to keep your bangs professionally trimmed. Suppose you’ve recently received bangs, schedule a quick 15-minute appointment to keep them trimmed before your next appointment. Doing so will help you avoid cutting them yourself.
  • Three months –  Shape Focused, Every Curl Friendly
    • Three months is perfect for all curl types who are looking to maintain their length and shape.  
  • Four monthsLength Focused, Every Curl Friendly, Maximum Amount for Wavy Girls
    • Four months works best for all curl types looking to grow their length and maintain the shape. The additional month will allow your stylist to provide maximum shape while removing the bare minimum in length and focusing on shaping the layers. 
    • For Wavy girls and clients with delicate/fine hair, this is the maximum amount of time you want to take for a haircut. 
  • Five monthsLength Focused, Every Curl Friendly, Maximum Amount for Curly Girls, Minimum Amount for Super Curly Girls. 
    • Five months is a fantastic option for Curly girls focused on growth, maintaining health. The shape and layers will be close to collapsing at this point, and frayed ends will be more evident but minimal and allow for the additional length that you seek. (Maximum amount of time for Curlies)
  • Six monthsLength Focused, Average for Amount for Super Curly Girls, Extreme for Curlies and Wavies. 
    • Six months is most suitable for Super Curly Girls. Why? Due to their tighter curl patterns and extreme spring factor, the time to grow their curls a lot longer than the other curl patterns.  Super Curlies who are growing their length should also ensure that their stylist is aware of a Growth Plan, including a minimal amount of cutting. 
    • For Curly Girls, this is the absolute maximum amount of time that you can forego a haircut. This amount of time is also suitable for Curlies with heartier curl strands.  If you are focused on growing your hair out, be ready to sacrifice some shape and remove length during your next hair cut to maintain a healthy status. 
  • Six – Nine months: Length Focused, Average for Amount for Super Curly Girls (with no heat)
    • Six to nine months is the best time frame for Super Curlies with heartier curl strands who do not use direct and damaging heat on their curls. Waiting this long will allow Super Curlies to grow their hair out effortlessly, see the progress, and have the option of just a trim or take off an abundant amount of length. 
    • Super Curly girls who straighten their hair regularly should trim their ends every six months. 
  • Twelve months: “Birthday Cut” – The longest anyone should wait. 
    • Twelve months is the maximum amount of time that anyone should wait for a haircut.
  • 2 Years: 
    • Too long – you risk losing your length in your next haircut and risk beginning the traumatic cycle of haircutting all over again.

How often should I be washing my hair? 

Everyone is completely different. On average, one to two times per week will work well for anyone’s curl type and scalp needs. 

The thicker and curlier your hair tends to be, the less washing and more refreshing you may find that you need.  

Don’t sleep on curl Refreshers and Dry Shampoos. There is a nice variety of products geared towards the Curly Community that will help you save time during your week and help your sets last longer.  It is vital to keep the additional products that you will be adding to your curls throughout the week away from your roots. By refreshing your strands at least ½ inch away from the scalp, you can restore your curls, keep your scalp fresher and avoid roots that look weighed down. 

Is it normal to have multiple curl patterns on one head? 

It most definitely is normal to have multiple curl patterns on one head of hair. 

Why?  The way the shape of your follicles within your scalp determines how your curls will appear. You should also note that our bodies change and grow (or shrink) approximately every seven years, including our scalp.  Because our scalp shifts, the follicles shift. When the follicles change, they cause new curl patterns to emerge. 

Everyone’s follicle shapes may not be precisely the same on every area of your head.  Follicles from the curls on the side of your head differ from those in the center and the back. Uniquely shaped follicles form because no one’s scalp is a smooth circle. The skin and muscles have to adjust and stretch with every bump and bone we are protecting, causing different follicles to take different shapes and different curl patterns. 

Which tools should I invest in for additional assistance in maintaining my curls? 

  • Wet Brush / Denman: For distribution of your products, saving you money. These will also assist in the detangling of your curls while defining as well. 
  • Alligator Clips: These are great, large clips that will hold your curls in place while you work in sections. Sections are vital for you to be as detailed as possible with your curls. Amazon has an excellent variety for reasonable prices. 
  • Shower MirrorIt seems a little outlandish, but when you can see what you are doing while styling your hair in the shower, it is a game-changer. Even if you are a curly girl who prefers to style outside of the shower, the mirror can help you check the placement of your conditioner and stylers. 
  • Spray Bottles: These are a must for days 2 – 4. The best part about spray bottles is that you can mix anything you want to. You can create your spray leave-ins with conditioners or creams. You can create spray gels by mixing gel and water. The option of mixing gels, creams, conditioners, and oils in a spray bottle can be infinite depending on how many products you have living under your bathroom cabinet: money saver and product waste preventer. 
  • T-Shirt, but with the “good” cotton:  The microfiber is excellent, but with this humidity on the rise, we want our curls to interact with as smooth of a fabric that we can get. Instead of your usual microfiber, grab a T-shirt. The material is much softer and will help you remove as much water as possible without the added frizz that even a microfiber will give you. Think of t-shirts as micro, microfiber towels. 

Should I get bangs? 

Yes, and always. 

For more tips from Kandace, visit or YouTube Channel

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