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DIY Protective Hairstyles: Learn how to flat twist

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Hair Tutorials

Nothing beats quick and easy yet protective hairstyles for naturals. When on a natural hair journey, the ability to change between hairstyles without much hassle or damage is key. 

Protective hairstyles are achieved by carefully tucking away hair ends. The ends of hair are the most fragile so having them tucked away protects them from split ends, strand knots, or breaking due to over-manipulation between wash days and daily styling.

Flat Twists and Cornrows prove to be protective and promote healthy hair growth. They also guarantee a new look with a boost of confidence. 

Flat Twists 

The truth is out of the bag! Flat twists remain the go-to protective style for naturals because they can easily be DIY for beginners without the help of a professional hairstylist. When done properly, they are chic and reminiscent of cornrows.


Usually the most selected protective hairstyle. This hairstyle encloses all hair ends and keeps them safe right up to the point of removal. For longer hold, cornrows are regularly done with hair extensions. Cornrows are an art where the hair is intertwined closely to the scalp offering much versatility. Cornrows are also a DIY protective hairstyle but it’s not as easily achieved for some like the flat twists.

Flat twists and cornrows are great protective hairstyles and they come in handy when you know how to do them. Want to learn how to do flat twists? Jannay McIver, Natural hair stylist and educator in Maryland teaches us how.  Check out the tutorial video

Jonnelle O'Connor
Jonnelle O’Connor

Jonnelle O’Connor is a Jamaican blogger who enjoys writing about the care and health of natural hair. Her passion for hair originated with her personal healthy hair journey. As a certified Counseling Psychologist, she also delights in mental health and dreams of a day when mental health awareness is truly recognized, and the debilitating stigmas are smashed for good.

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