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How to Do Bantu Knots

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Hair Tutorials

Bantu Knots are a beautiful style with a beautiful history. The Bantu Knot style was popularized by the Bantu people, a concentration of a little over 300 people groups native to lower-central and southern Africa. The style has spread all throughout the diaspora and has recently become popular among American celebrities. Bantu Knots can be sectioned in various sizes and designs and feature a coiled, mini- bun look. Bantu Knots can serve a dual purpose for naturals. They are a convenient and stylish protective style, and they can also be used to add curl definition in lieu of a twist out. Another plus is that they are simple to do at home, and also very length friendly, they are easy to install on various textures and lengths.

So, if you're looking for something simple and fun, check out the videos below to see how you can try your first set of Bantu Knots or try a Bantu Knot-Out!

Ebony Azumah
Ebony Azumah

Ebony is a content creator working in the Inland Empire. She loves taking care of her natural hair as a form of self-care and exploring personal development.

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