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Salon Life: Tips to keeping your client happy

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Hairstylist Tips

How often have you read reviews for a particular hair salon and found that while the client may enjoy the ambiance of the space, the hair care is not up to standard? Sometimes the client enjoys the hair care experience but is frustrated by the salon not having a user-friendly system for payments or even scheduling appointments? 

Whether you have an existing hair salon or are planning to open one, a key element to remember is that clients are paying you to nurture and style their hair while you give them a memorable experience. Striking a balance between these aspects is what will ensure your salon business’s longevity.  

Be Accessible

The one thing more important than having an accessible physical location is to be visible in spaces where your clients hang out. This could be on social media platforms or natural hair forums, as long as you can grab your potential client’s attention and have this convert to them visiting your salon. 

Have a functional space

When considering the experience you want to give your client, start by placing yourself in their shoes. Envision what your client will experience as they come in through the door and move through the reception area, the waiting area and then the work station. Regardless of the size of the space, there must be designated sections that flow into each other to prevent a chaotic atmosphere.

Creating the mood for your salon is likely to be the area where you spend the most capital, we recommend investing in high-quality, durable furniture and equipment that is comfortable for yourself, your staff, and your clients.  

Explore social media for décor and furnishing inspiration and then incorporate your unique flair that will set you apart. Always remember that your client will surely be back if you can give them an experience that they cannot recreate at home. 

Quality of Service

The growth of the natural hair industry has meant that curly, kinky, and coily hair can be nurtured in mainstream hair salons without any regressive stigma attached. As a natural hair stylist and salon business owner, your salon must create a space for the authentic celebration of natural hair. This genuine passion is part of the reason why your clients will keep coming back.

Your salon should be stocked with quality natural hair products that deliver the results your clients expect. Your stylists should be trained and experienced in handling natural hair because your clients will essentially be walking billboards for the kind of skill your salon offers. 

The state of your salon’s workstations is another drawcard for clients. Invest in quality modern equipment that is designed with natural hair in mind and steer clear of gimmicky tools that will ultimately be uncomfortable for the stylist and the client. 

Follow Up

Create a system for following up with your clients where you can send style maintenance tips or ask them to review the service. Keeping the conversation with your clients going nurtures a trust relationship which is necessary to retain clients and help you better understand their needs.


A well-managed hair salon has uncapped potential for growth and revenue generation but this is dependent on you putting in the right systems to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction. Master these aspects of your business and continuously innovate by looking out for the latest salon trends and incorporate the parts that are relevant for your business without losing sight of who your clients are and what they expect from you.

Dumisile Masuku
Dumisile Masuku

Dumisile Masuku is a natural hair blogger with a passion for supporting black-owned hair and beauty businesses by helping them discover innovative and sustainable business solutions. She’s also a travel enthusiast, rediscovering domestic tourism in South Africa. Follow her journey @dumsi_lee.

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