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Hair Story: Alyssa Roberts, Loc Journey

"I wanted to embrace my natural hair and I felt I wasn’t able to do so with my loose natural hair so I decided to take the leap and start locs!"

Alyssa Roberts, Virginia

What's your hair type(s) (if you know it) or how would you describe your hair?

I have 4c type hair

When did you start your loc journey?

August 17, 2019!

How did you start your locs? What method did you use?

I started with comb coils

How often did you wash your locs when you started? What was your experience?g to natural?

I washed every 3-4 weeks in the beginning and some of my locs came out a few times in the beginning but other than that no issues.

What mistakes did you make along the way?

I can’t say I’ve made any mistakes thus far.

How did your family react when you decided to loc your hair?

I didn’t really announce it lol so they just randomly started finding out but no one was shocked or anything like that.

How often do you retwist or retie your locs?

Every 6-7 weeks.

What's your current hair regimen?

I keep it VERY simple. I oil and moisturize my locs about every 3 days or when I feel they need moisture.

What's your morning & night time routine?

In the mornings I just take down my scarf, shake and go. I wrap my hair every night. When I do oil/moisturize my locs I do it at nighttime.

What are your favorite hair products now?

Black Jamaican castor oil and rose water!

What are your favorite hairstyles?

I love my buns and simple barrels twist styles.

Do you want to give a your loctician a shout out?

Yes! @locdbylo. She’s maintained my locs the entire time.

What advice would you give to loc'd sisters out there?

Be patient, enjoy the journey and embrace every stage of the journey! It’s a beautiful one.

Where can we find you on the socials?

You can find me on instagram

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