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Hair Story: Yeimy Medina

“A friend inspired me to start loving my natural hair. I had no idea what my natural hair felt like because they started relaxing my hair at 10.”

Yeimy Medina, Methuen, MA

What’s your hair type(s) (if you know it) or how would you describe your hair?

I have 4a type hair

When did you start your natural hair journey?

I started my natural hair journey in 2019

How did you transition to natural hair?

I Big Chopped it

What protective hairstyles did you use while transitioning to natural?

I used 2 strand twist out and bantu knots.

What were your go-to products during your transition?

Shea moisture hair smoothie, Camille Rose Twisting Butter, Eco Gel, Aunt Carols twisting butter and Aunt Jackies Flax Seed Gel.

What mistakes did you make along the way?

It was a trial and error situation 😂

How did your family react to your natural hair journey?

My family didn’t understand at the time. They actually thought I was depressed because I was going through other personal changes at the time as well.

If you relaxed your hair, did you ever go back to “the creamy crack”?


What’s your current hair regimen?

I wash my hair on a weekly basis. I do a deep condition every week. I do avocado and banana treatments once a month.

What are your favorite hair products now?

All time favorite is the Aunt Jackies Don’t Shrink Flax Seed Gel. Also the Camille Rose treatment.

What are your favorite hairstyles?

At the moment wash and go.

What advice would you give to naturalistas out there?

Love your hair, talk to it. Be patient with your hair and take good care of it.

Where can we find you on the socials?

You can find me on instagram

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Anthea Ancalade
Anthea Ancalade

Anthea is the creator and founder of CurleeMe. Her love for natural hair care has led her through this journey. When she’s not running CurleeMe, she’s designing websites or spending time with her family.

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