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5 Short Natural Haircuts to Die For

Haircuts?!? I have always been a little wary of haircuts because one of my biggest hair goals has been length since I went natural. However, for some of us brave souls, it’s just hair and it’ll grow back! On the other hand, a haircut could also be a great move if you’re a low-maintenance Naturalista. Short styles are often quite light, need minimal styling and offer an opportunity for some unique self-expression. We’ve compiled a few styles for you to see how short you may be willing to go!

Temple Fade with Design

Short hair doesn’t have to be boring! This haircut is great for naturals who want to keep it simple but also to add their own flair. You can take your haircut a step further by adding a special design to your fade. Some like to only shave and design one side and others do both. You can also add your fade out? and design to the back of your head around the nape.

Healthy Hair Tip: This is a haircut that isn’t very even in shape, although the shape it provides is flattering for many. Consider your hair goals when going for this cut as you’ll have an awkward phase if you intend to grow your hair out. To handle this you may just have to do another cut to even out the shape once your hair begins to grow.

The Pixie Cut

This haircut is a more moderate chop where you shape your curls into a mini fro. There’s no fade, so hair can remain fairly even all around if you’d like to avoid a more drastic awkward phase when and if you decide to grow your hair back out.

Healthy Hair Tip: Depending on the damage, this would be an ideal starting point if you’re considering a “big chop” to transition to being natural. It’s an easy length to start with for twist outs and getting to know your hair as you start your natural hair journey!

High Fade Pixie Cut

This haircut is one of the shortest you can go for which also means it requires the least maintenance. The high fade allows for a fairly even shape and you can experiment with training your hair into waves to create even more style.

Healthy Hair Tip: Low cuts like this one are also a good opportunity to experiment with color! If you’re worried about the damage that can come with coloring your hair, it can be less of a risk when your hair is much shorter. If your hair gets damaged from bleaching or other coloring products, the effects can be reversed much faster than with long hair as the hair shaft is shorter. The longer you use a hairdryer, the more brittle the hair can become when coloring, often resulting in split ends and a need to cut off the damaged hair.

Pineapple Tapered Cut

This cut has no fade and is only slightly less even than the pixie cut. The hair is tapered from nape to top giving a shape similar to a pineapple updo. This look also allows for an easy grow out and may only need some minimal trimming to keep it even. This look goes really well with the wash and go method and is also at a great length for twist outs.

Low Fade with Box Braids

The great thing about the fade at the nape is that it still allows for some versatility at the top. Box braids can be braided up into a ponytail, or you can keep the individuals and have some length. Braids, faux locs, or even a partial sew-in can go at the top and cover the haircut if you’d rather not have it visible all the time. Doing that gives it style a bit of a peekaboo effect.

This concludes our list of 5 short natural haircuts to die for. If you’re rocking a short cut, show us in the comments.

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Ebony Azumah
Ebony Azumah

Ebony is a content creator working in the Inland Empire. She loves taking care of her natural hair as a form of self-care and exploring personal development.

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