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5 ways to start your loc journey

When you’re thinking of starting your loc journey, it’s really important to do your research to learn about all things locs. Doing this helps you determine if it’s right for you and prepares you for the journey ahead. Once you’re set and excited about it, the next step is to think about how you would like your locs to look. Don’t get me wrong, how your locs turn out will be completely different from someone’s locs but what I would like to point out are the methods used to start them because that determines the outcome. Here are some of the methods used that can get you started in getting familiar with the different methods of starting locs.

Single Twist 

This is the method of versatility. Single twists are formed by the method of coiling. Coils can be created by comb coils, finger twirls or finger twists, or palm roll. These single twist methods are left alone until hair begins to loc. 

IMAGE SOURCE: @thelocgodsalon


This method can be considered as a wash and go that is left alone. Hair naturally locs when left uncombed. 

IMAGE SOURCE: @justagirlfromthe75

Two-Strand Twists

This method is achieved by taking two sections of hair and inter lapping them to form two-strand twists. The twists are then left alone until they begin to loc. 

IMAGE SOURCE: @thelocgodsalon


This is a technique used to maintain locs. This is achieved by pulling the end of the loc through the root. Interlocking is used to tighten the new growth with the use of the fingers or a special tool. This method is commonly used in loc styles such as Sisterlocks™ and micro locs.

IMAGE SOURCE: @dr.sarpoma


IMAGE SOURCE: @snaturalhair


Braid Locs

Install braids to your desired liking and then leave it to grow without removing them. Retwist only the new growth and leave the braids installed.

IMAGE SOURCE: finehairnaturals

All these ways to start locs produce amazing results but it all comes down to what end result you’re looking for. Once you get this down, consider seeking out a loctician to help you along the way. CurleeMe has many skilled locticians listed in your area to help you along the way. Enjoy the journey!

Jonnelle O'Connor
Jonnelle O’Connor

Jonnelle O’Connor is a Jamaican blogger who enjoys writing about the care and health of natural hair. Her passion for hair originated with her personal healthy hair journey. As a certified Counseling Psychologist, she also delights in mental health and dreams of a day when mental health awareness is truly recognized, and the debilitating stigmas are smashed for good.

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