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5 Ways To Style your Locs

Locs are beautiful, versatile, and can be styled in varying forms. The way you choose to style your locs should brighten your smile and add that extra boost of confidence. Looking for some new and trendy ways to style your locs? Here are 5 stunning ways to do that.

IMAGE SOURCE: @thatfrioslocd

Half and Half

Quick, easy, and classy. Young or old no one ever gets enough of this hairstyle. Simply let one half of the locs down and the other rolled and twisted in a bun. Don’t forget to lay those edges for that added touch.

IMAGE SOURCE: @bainaspeaks

Down and Curly

The essence of locs is highlighted when it is worn down. Not to mention adding some curls to it to give that extra bounce. Loc curls can be achieved with the use of water and hair products for added moisture along with spiral rods, braid outs, or pipe cleaners. Give it a try there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

IMAGE SOURCE: @Ideallyyyme

The Palm-Tree Ponytail

Trendy is the best way to describe the Palm-Tree Ponytail Loc hairstyle. It may look technical but it’s easy. Wrap a couple locs around each other with the help of hairpins to keep it firm and in place. Embrace your confidence.

IMAGE SOURCE: @patience_edet

The Loc Bun

The loc bun is the most sophisticated yet simple hairstyle. It suits every occasion. With the use of a scrunchy or rubber band catch your twisted locs in a ponytail and wrap locs around each other until you have attained your desired bun shape. Be ready for all eyes to be on you.

IMAGE SOURCE: @dopestoddfuture

Loc Pigtails

The girly child at heart lives within. This hairstyle suits just about anyone and is sure to lift the mood. Only smiles are allowed with this energetic loc hairstyle. 

Pick, choose and refuse. Enjoy your locs with these five hairstyle suggestions.

Jonnelle O'Connor
Jonnelle O’Connor

Jonnelle O’Connor is a Jamaican blogger who enjoys writing about the care and health of natural hair. Her passion for hair originated with her personal healthy hair journey. As a certified Counseling Psychologist, she also delights in mental health and dreams of a day when mental health awareness is truly recognized, and the debilitating stigmas are smashed for good.

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