Cultivated Allure
Ariana Nicole

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Vintage Faire Mall
3401 Dale Road,
Modesto, California 95356
United States

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Ladies! Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!

No matter what time I made my hair appointment for, regardless of the day of the week, Ariana Nicole (Cultivated Allure) always kept me waiting.

Like most black women, I don’t play when it comes to my hair. I’ve tried several stylists in my adult life and Ariana is the worst with time management. We often feel stuck and obligated to stay with that stylist because we all know how hard it is to find someone we trust to tame and train our mane. I found myself in these situations with her:

1. make an appointment, go to the salon, and find another client in the chair, leaving you to sit and wait 40 days and 40 nights to get your hair started.
2. She shows up to the salon or your house hours late with no explanation or apology every time.
3. Cancels your appointment less than 24 hours in advance or, even worse, the day of.
4. No show to scheduled appointments!
She needs to invest in an online scheduling system but she doesn’t want to invest in her business. Her Lack of education or understanding of how the scheduling system works can also be a contributor to no-show rates.

Being late is unacceptable. It turns into a snowball effect. Now I am getting home late to my family because you chose to over booked your appointments. I’ve had to reschedule business meetings, wear a hat to corporate presentations, cancel concerts with friends and wear hats out of town because she would no show or be extremely late. It’s inconvenient and inconsiderate and she’s too stupid to make any changes to scale her business. I get highly annoyed when she knows I have somewhere to be. I remained loyal because she is a nice person and normally do good work. Sometimes her nails are too long for braiding styles and your braids are loose at the base.

I think because she never worked in the corporate world she lacks understanding on how pressing it is for Women to keep their hair presentable. Especially women who workout in the gym. I’ve talked to other clients who have the same exact issue with her. Get it together!

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Vintage Faire Mall
3401 Dale Road, Unit 483,
Modesto, California 95356
United States