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Querisma Beauty Studio

I’ve been growing and getting my hair curly cut for 4 years now and in 90mins this lady completely butchered my hair and all my hard work. I came to Quia for a TRIM . She asked me how and what shape I wanted my hair I precisely told her to just go over the shape I already have to give me a nice trim and cut my ends. But instead she chopped into my hair cutting off 4in in some places and in some places none at all. When I got up and seeen a long 3in curl on the floor I immediately asked where did this come from and why did she cut off so much she explained that I had a tail and she just made my hair even . THIS WAS A COMPLETE LIE. she does NOT know what she is doing when it comes to cutting curly hair. I’m extremely depressed and have to stop myself from crying every time I look in the mirror at my hair. I’m still in a deep depression because of what this lady did to my hair. I had curls that sat at the middle of my back my curls now sit at my shoulders after getting her butchering cut fixed. I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend this lady cut services to anyone at all. I believe she knew she messed my hair up as well because she took a before pic of my hair and never took an after pic which is extremely suspicious!! Please if you love your curl please do not contact her for a curly cut or you may suffer the same fate as me . Which is butchered hair , depression and canceled hair modeling gigs because of a messed up cut. Please take my pics and videos as reference to how badly butchered my hair is because of this lady . My crown is ruined. Completely .



  1. q

    I do sincerely strive to do my best work for each client who chooses me and I’m sorry that I ended up not being the right stylist for you.

  2. A

    But your not the right stylist for anyone w curly hair because your not skilled at it . I just really wish you get more experience before you offer things you clearly can not do. I’m depressed because of what you did to me, back to wearing wigs because u ruined my hair . NOT OK . And I’m going to keep on warning woman so they won’t be subjected to this treatment.

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