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3 online tools to make resizing your photos easy

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Hairstylist Tips

When it comes to resizing photos, it kind of throws you for a loop when you’re not online savvy. We want to share with you 3 online tools that can help your process. 


We love Canva because it’s quick and easy. If you need to resize a photo, all you have to do is create a new document in the size you want and drag and drop the photo in there. You can reposition it however you want. It’s also Free to use. Sounds good right? Check it out.

Image Resizer

This free simple online tool is super easy to use as well. It helps you resize and crop your photos right online then download them to use them. Here’s a tutorial where we show you how to use Image Resizer to resize your photos for your CurleeMe profile. 


Don’t be scared lol. Photoshop isn’t as scary as you might think. It’s a big graphic software but resizing and cropping is quick to do with just a few steps. If all you will be doing with this program is resizing and cropping I wouldn’t recommend you sign up for it but if you think you will be tinkering with creating other types of design materials for your business, I will say go for it!

Hope these tips help you in your day-to-day. Let us know what you think.
Anthea Ancalade
Anthea Ancalade

Anthea is the creator and founder of CurleeMe. Her love for natural hair care has led her through this journey. When she’s not running CurleeMe, she’s designing websites or spending time with her family.

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