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5 Ways Online Appointment Booking Can Grow Your Business

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Hairstylist Tips

There’s no denying that the pandemic has made a lasting impact in how we do business. To gain an edge over competitors, business owners need to be tech savvy to optimize how their business operates in digital spaces. 

Being tech savvy goes beyond just having a great social media presence. Your social media platforms are only the first step in building a marketing funnel that ultimately converts interest in your business into actual bookings. 

Here are 5 ways that online booking can benefit your business:

Online Booking Saves Time

Giving your potential customers the freedom to book their own appointments saves you and your staff a considerable amount of time by reducing the number of phone calls you’d ordinarily make to secure or change bookings.  

It also saves time through enhancing the accuracy rate because the client is able to capture and review their own information before it gets to you. 

Booking Success Rate Increases  

When booking is easy and accessible, clients will do it immediately instead of putting it off until they have time to phone the salon. An online booking system means that your salon is available for bookings 24/7 which is likely to increase the rate of successful bookings and secure faster payments as there won’t be a middleman. 

Being available at all hours makes you accessible to potential clients who may simply be scrolling through social media and come across your salon and then quickly book an appointment while they’re still interested in your offering. 

Improved Marketing Synergy

An online booking system is the last step in a deliberate and engaged social media strategy. If your business is active on social media platforms, you have the opportunity to create awareness and interest in your services and ultimately lead potential clients to take action through booking and paying for your services.  

Securing successful online bookings becomes a clear indication that your marketing funnel is working and an audit of this would help you identify areas where you can possibly improve and grow your business further. 

This system will also give you access to user information that could help you tailor your offering to an even more specific audience. 

Improved Efficiency

It’s no secret that clients will return to a business that is efficient, accessible and delivers on its promise. Having an easy to use online booking system will not only help you retain clients but it can also help you run your business more efficiently. 

Since customer information will be available on hand, you will be able to send your clients appointment reminders, hairstyle care tips, specials and also encourage them to leave reviews that you can respond to immediately. When this is done well, it will result in happier clients. 

Improved Google Ranking

Having a functional online booking system attached to an attractive and SEO-friendly website is likely to improve your Google ranking, making your establishment one of the first to appear in online searches. This will help you to keep attracting clients and establish yourself as an expert natural hair specialist in your area. 


Growing a successful business in a digital age requires your establishment to offer more than just great service. You need to get comfortable with moving beyond traditional business methodologies and embrace technology that will enable you to meet your clients in the digital spaces they operate in. Linking your business booking system to your CurleeMe profile will take the pressure off by easily connecting you with potential clients and also giving you access to our business support services that simplify common business challenges. 

Having an online booking system and applying a fluid digital marketing strategy will help you gain an advantage while continuing to grow your business.

Dumisile Masuku
Dumisile Masuku

Dumisile Masuku is a natural hair blogger with a passion for supporting black-owned hair and beauty businesses by helping them discover innovative and sustainable business solutions. She’s also a travel enthusiast, rediscovering domestic tourism in South Africa. Follow her journey @dumsi_lee.

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