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10 Christmas Gifts Every Natural Girl Will Love

It’s the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year! It’s officially Holiday Season. 

2020 has been crazy enough, don’t add to the stress by doing last minute gift shopping. If you’re looking for gifts for the natural girl in your life, I got you, sis! Keep reading to check out my holiday gift guide for naturals.

Shower Water Filter

Adding this water filter to my wash day helped my hair so much! Some naturals, like myself, live in areas with hard water. When water is hard and filled with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sulfates, it can literally weigh your hair down. My wash and go’s are more defined and have less initial frizz, now that I use this. An added bonus of this is that it’s actually a great shower head. The water pressure is great! So I suggest buying it even if you just want a better showering experience.

Hot Head 

I love the Thermal Hair Care “Hot Head”. It’s so easy to use!, You just pop it in the microwave and then put it on your hair while you deep condition. It allows you to add heat to your deep condition while being able to do other things. For example, I can deep condition my hair while watching Netflix, or cleaning my apartment. It’s an added bonus!

Microfiber Towel

Us naturals want to take care of our curls at every step during wash day, including drying. I love this microfiber towel from Pattern Beauty. With microfiber towels, you don’t have to rub your hair dry. You can just scrunch it and it will dry your curls without creating the friction that rubbing does, which means you’ll end up with less frizz! Plus, they dry hair faster than a regular towel.

Headwraps and Bands

Winter time is headband and headwrap season in my book! I remember I hated headbands as a kid because they were always made out of that hard plastic and hurt my head. But, headbands and wraps have really evolved over the years. The head bands from Chrissy Crafts are handmade, which makes them that much better.

Her Favorite Brand’s Gift Box

Around Holiday Season, many brands release specialty boxes. Sometimes these boxes have exclusive items that will only be available during the holidays, sometimes it’s just a great bundle deal that’s too good to pass up! Either way, a natural can never have too many products from her favorite brand, so this is always a great choice.

A Shower Caddy

For many naturals, at least some part of wash day takes place in the shower. What better gift than something to easily help organize products. I love these caddies so much that I’ve purchased them for both of my bathrooms! They’re sturdy and the adhesive is long lasting.

Gemini Naturals Temporary Hair Color

For the natural who doesn’t want to risk color-damage, this is the BEST gift! The color comes in the form of a gel and literally washes out with one wash (and no damage)! The color is also very vibrant and I didn’t experience a lot of transfer of color from my hair to my clothes. It’s nice to be able to change up color without damaging my hair.

Length Check Shirt

We all know by now, that shrinkage is a good thing *eye roll* but if length is a current goal for the natural in your life, this shirt is perfect! Whether she’s aiming for bra strap length or mid-back length, this shirt’s got her covered.

Tub shroom – Hair Catcher for Shower Drain

I know this seems like a weird one, but I promise you, it’s my favorite thing on this list and makes for a great stocking stuffer! When I first went back to natural, my shower drain was clogged, often. As a new natural, I didn’t really understand how much hair sheds or have a way to stop the clogging, so I just bought a lot of drano, until I discovered this. It catches pretty much all of the hair I shed on wash day, it’s the best hair tool I own.

Raynestorm Bonnet

Last, but certainly not least. If you know a natural, it’s likely she uses a bonnet. I absolutely love Raynestorm Bonnets because they truly hold and protect all of my hair. The bonnets come in two sizes jumbo and oversized and no matter where you are in your hair journey, it will keep your hair safe, and won’t come off while you sleep.

I know gift giving can be stressful. But sometimes it can help if you have a few ideas upfront. Naturals aren’t too hard to shop for, we just love products that will keep our kinks and curls in tact! Hopefully this helps you get a headstart on holiday shopping, for the natural girls in your life!

La Shané (Nae) J
La Shané (Nae) J

La Shané is a natural hair, lifestyle, and mental health awareness blogger. As a native Angelino she loves allowing her 4B curls to thrive in the Cali Sun! She’s currently experimenting with water-based hair products and loves sharing her reviews! For more natural hair tips and product reviews, you can follow her @naturalnae_la

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