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10 Tips on Growing Long Natural Hair

When I watched this video I was so impressed by the information Fret shares on her tips on growing long natural hair. Check out the video or read a transcribed version of her tips below.

Transcription of 10 Tips to long natural hair

So today, I wanted us to talk about length retention. What IS length retention? It’s basically whatever new growth you have for the month and how much you’re retaining. One thing that may cause you to not see the hair that you’re growing is if your hair is constantly breaking. If your hair is brushing against your shirt or you’re doing tight styles that pull your hair, you will not see the new growth or your desired length.

I want to show you guys ten things that I did to retain my length. They’re not in any specific order. They’re just ten different things I did throughout my hair journey that helped me retain my length.

Tip 1: Detangle with a conditioner

Now I know you guys have probably seen these conditioners. First is the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and the Aussie Miracle Moist. These two conditioners are heaven sent. I don’t have a favorite, both of them are amazing. You get a great slip on your hair when detangling. So these two are my favorite conditioners to detangle with. All it is you just apply it on your hair and you use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to detangle your knots

Tip 2: Trim when you need it.

When I was a loose natural I trimmed twice a year, every six months. And that’s just me dusting my ends. I'm not cutting my hair. The reason I was able to do twice a year is because I always try to keep my ends moisturized so they're not constantly breaking.  I’m didn't get fairy knots or split ends so I was able to elongate my trimming time.

Tip 3: Use a t-shirt for drying

I use a t-shirt, a white t-shirt, to dry my hair whenever I’m finished washing. I use one of my husband's t-shirts from his closet. You will see a difference from using a towel because a towel will make your hair super dry versus using a t-shirt and it doesn’t take all of the water from your hair.

Tip 4: Keep your hair moisturized

How do you keep your hair moisturized? For me water moisturizes my hair. Some people are shocked when they hear this but water really moisturizes my hair. The thing is you have to seal that moisture in using other products or oils. For me I use the LOC method which means liquid, oil and cream. I know some other naturals prefer LCO. Do whichever is better for you. Next is your oil. I’ve been using castor oil as the oil for the LOC Method. I use Haitian Castor Oil. Next is the cream. I’ve been using this cream since 2012. This is the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I love this product because of the consistency. I have thick coarse hair so those little watery creams don’t do anything for me and my hair just soaks it up. This cream is able to hold my hair. If you have 4c hair and it’s very thick and coarse, try this.

Tip 5: Protective styles

Now this is a sensitive topic because a protective style is not a style that’s pulling on your edges and scalp and your hair is still out. A protective style is a style where your ends are tucked in and you still have access to your hair or scalp. What do I mean by that? For instance crochet braids are one of my favorite protective styles. You braid down your hair and crochet in curly hair or twists. For me when I do it, I still have access to my hair and scalp. Whenever I need to moisturize my hair I separate my cornrows and spray them with water. Another style is the marley twists. Just be careful not to pull on your edges. You could retain length but pull out your edges.

Tip 6: Avoid heat

I probably put heat in my hair twice from 2012 to 2019. When you put heat on your hair your curl pattern is being played with and it will never be the same. Your curl pattern becomes weak and if you don’t take care of it, you will see breakage. Try to avoid heat. Stretch your hair using big braids, plaits, or threading. Just try to avoid using heat.

Tip 7: Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers

I love to detangle using my fingers. If your hair is very matted, try to detangle with your fingers first then with a wide toothed comb. Remember to do it while you have a conditioner with lots of slip in it. You’ll see less breakage and you’ll see less hair coming out when you detangle.

Tip 8: Use a clarifying shampoo

Use a clarifying shampoo when you’re cleaning your scalp so you don’t have any build up. This is so you have a nice clean scalp and your hair can grow. I like to use the tea tree tingle from Trader Joe’s. This can be purchased online or in store. This shampoo is amazing. I use it on my starter locs and the naturals whose hair I do. This shampoo has peppermint and tea tree oil so you really feel that tingle and it really cleans your scalp.

Tip 9: Use a satin pillowcase

Imagine you have a banging twist out and you go to sleep on a regular pillow case by tomorrow your hair is all matted and a mess. When you use a satin pillowcase, your hair may be a little matted, it won’t be as bad. A cotton pillowcase will soak up whatever product you have in your hair but a satin pillowcase will leave some product in your hair.

Tip 10: Massage your scalp

Massage your scalp with some kind of oil or just massage your scalp. I like to use castor oil to massage my scalp. Now I’m not saying to drench your scalp with castor oil but just put some in your hand and massage it into sections of your hair. You’ll see a difference. I’ve been doing this for the last six years and I definitely see a difference.

Hope you liked Fret's 10 tips on growing long natural hair. Make sure to subscribe to her on YouTube and follow her on instagram

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