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5 Loc Care Myths Debunked

Learning and understanding the truth about locs is important as it debunks the many myths that exist. Give yourself the ability to start and maintain the loc journey you have long imagined, by detaching yourself from these myths that might have been a sure point of discouragement. 

Myth #1: The dirtier the better

This myth has been around for ages and many people still believe it. 


Choosing to keep your locs dirty to encourage hair growth is the perfect way to damage your locs and lessen potential hair growth and health. Locs that are cleansed regularly can loc better. The buildup of oils and moisturizers can obstruct the loc process. 

Myth #2: Not all curl patterns can form locs

Though coily/curly hair tends to loc faster than other hair textures this doesn’t make other curl patterns incapable of forming locs. However, the appearance will be different. 


All curl patterns can form locs.

Myth #3: There is no maintenance required

The structure and formation of locs require timely maintenance. Wash days should be at a minimum of once per month. The use of natural oils and satin bonnets or scarfs at nighttime is important to maintain and boost hair growth and health. 


Locs don’t need over manipulation but they require maintenance to be healthy. 

Myth #4: Use a scissors to remove frizz

The use of scissors to remove frizz or new growth causes thinning at the middle and throughout the loc. Trimming your locs with a pair of scissors affects the growing process of your locs.


Loc frizz should only be palm rolled or wrapped.

Myth # 5: Every hairstylist can groom locs 

Locs are created by skilled, experienced, and certified hands. Some hairstylists can loc hair but not all. Going to a hairstylist that specializes in locs (loctician) is important. This will encourage health, quality, and growth throughout your loc journey.


Not all hairstylists can effectively groom locs. The care of your locs should be vested at the hands of a certified loctician. 

Wherever myths exist, it makes it difficult to appreciate the truth when highlighted. As you continue on your loc journey remember to debunk the myths and embrace healthier locs by washing regularly, palm rolling or wrapping where frizz is visible, choosing a certified loctician, maintaining your locs daily, and being confident that no matter the curl pattern of your hair, it’s beautiful with locs!

Jonnelle O'Connor
Jonnelle O’Connor

Jonnelle O’Connor is a Jamaican blogger who enjoys writing about the care and health of natural hair. Her passion for hair originated with her personal healthy hair journey. As a certified Counseling Psychologist, she also delights in mental health and dreams of a day when mental health awareness is truly recognized, and the debilitating stigmas are smashed for good.

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