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10 Loc Terminologies You Need to Know

There are varying terminologies associated with locs that prove helpful as you enjoy your loc journey. Here are some terminologies you may come across while you understand and better care for your locs. 

Budding – This is the term used to express a new loc stage. The new loc stage speaks to the beginning of the hair locking process. It is referred to as budding because when the hair initially starts to loc, it buds within the hair’s length.

Braidlocs – The method of braiding hair to start the loc process. 

Interlocking – This method can be used to start the loc process or tighten already locked hair. The use of a latch hook is very instrumental in this process. This process achieves the same outcome as retwisting locs for its upkeep. 

Retwisting – This is a method of maintaining the new growth of your locs. Retwisting differs from interlocking because of the tool utilized. Retwisting is the wrapping of the new growth around each loc. 

Retie – this method is used to maintain varying locs, particularly sisterlocks. Reties are used to tighten the new growth using the interlocking method. 

Palm Roll – This is also regarded as a maintenance method of retwisting for locs. This technique requires the use of the palms in a back and forth motion which attaches the new growth and loose hair to the locs.

Loc parting – This method defines how you part your locs at the budding stage. The diamond, crescent, organic, and square are the four popular parts used for locs. 

Loc Extensions – This is where synthetic or human hair extensions are added to lengthen or strengthen your locs. 

Sisterlocks – This is a trade-marked style of locs. These locs are generally different from regular locs and are done very small and neatly with a patented tool (latch hook) to bring about the desired style. 

Yarn Locs – This method enhances locs using yarn throughout the hair in a braiding or wrapping manner. 

There are a lot more terminologies out there but these will definitely get you started. Getting acquainted with these loc terms will come in handy in many ways when communicating to your loctician or simply interacting with the loc community. Enjoy the journey!

Jonnelle O'Connor
Jonnelle O’Connor

Jonnelle O’Connor is a Jamaican blogger who enjoys writing about the care and health of natural hair. Her passion for hair originated with her personal healthy hair journey. As a certified Counseling Psychologist, she also delights in mental health and dreams of a day when mental health awareness is truly recognized, and the debilitating stigmas are smashed for good.

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