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8 Reasons to Choose Laifen’s High-Speed Hair Dryer

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Product Reviews

Have you ever considered the quality and benefits of your hair dryer? If your answer is no, you’re completely missing out on countless tech advances and astounding considerations that your hair would love. Hair dryers are essential in drying wet strands, aiding in various deep conditioning routines, and are often used to mold a particular style. Today’s mandatory household appliances across the world consist of a hair dryer. Every closet or cabinet has shelf space for the popular and critically needed hairstyling tool, but are we maximizing its usage? 

We deserve to go beyond the basic standard of exclusively expecting our hair dryer to blow out varying degrees of hot air. Each tool used during our hair maintenance process should serve our hair with the best possible benefits. Am I suggesting that the purpose of a hair dryer can be more than an evaporator of water? Absolutely! With so many different dryers to choose from, the Laifen High-Speed Hair Dryer is distinctly and remarkably known for fast drying, no heat damage, and is specifically designed with every hair type in mind.  

The Laifen brand was established in 2019 by Hongxin Ye and his team. Together they were able to gather the knowledge of customers’ needs and master a design that would use technology advancements in a sophisticated motor to improve the overall experience of the hair drying process. Their exceptional dryer is slimmer than the traditional hair dryer by 60% and lighter by 75%. Laifen’s dryers come in various colors and styles: The Laifen Swift High-Speed Hair Dryer and The Laifen Swift Special High-Speed Hair Dryer

Benefits of Using Laifen’s Hair Dryer

1. Cutting down time with fast drying 

With so much to consider when investing in our haircare routine, time no longer must be one of the significant sacrifices. Compared to regular hair dryers, Laifen’s hair dryer can dry any hair texture in half the time. Reduction of time in one step reduces the overall time of hairstyling. 

2. No heat damage to consider 

Avoiding heat damage, especially for those maintaining their natural curl patterns, is a significant priority. While some may consider air drying their strands to alleviate the concern of using extreme heat, the structure of Laifen’s hair dryer drowns out those concerns. Laifen’s hair dryer can keep the hair healthy and smooth with its ability to protect it from extreme heat damage with its precise thermo-control technology. 

3. Temperature mode feature

Knowing the exact temperature settings of your hair dryer allows for a better styling outcome. High heat may not be sufficient for specific styles, and with this knowledge, Laifen has created three different temperature modes. Each temperature mode is associated with a particular LED ring color, making it easy to use and see: cool air – room temperature is blue, warm air (120 F) is yellow, and hot air (176 F) is red. A long press of the desired temperature mode creates an auto-cycling option.

4. Variation of nozzle choices

The Laifen Swift Special High-Speed Dryer has three nozzles: standard, diffuser, and concentration. Each nozzle choice creates a better focus on different phases of the drying process and caters to the need of the styler with as much caution as necessary. 

5. Light and compact for storage and packing

The standard of storage space for hair dryers just got smaller with Laifen’s compact dryer. Slim and light weighted, Laifen’s dryer can easily fit in a regular handbag or suitcase, making Laifen’s hair dryer a perfect product for traveling. Opting to bypass the hotel’s basic hair dryer with an unmatched alternative became easier!

6. Ultra-Silent is a plus

We’ve become programmed to believe that noise determines the level of power a machine can produce. The Laifen brand contradicts this theory due to its ability to produce an ultra-silent yet powerful hair dryer. Compared to a traditional hair dryer with an average noise output of 80-90 decibels (dB), Laifen has reduced noise drastically by designing its dryer with high precision to work at only 59dB. 

7. Promotes hair shine and reduces dryness and frizz

Many people are unaware, but boosting your hair’s shine, increasing its smoothness, and reducing frizz and dryness can happen during the hair drying process. Laifen’s negative ion technology helps to improve shiny hair by 19%, smoothness by 15%, and reduces frizz by 40%. With 200,000,000 negative ions, Laifen’s hair dryer breaks up water molecules quickly and seals the cuticles.

8. Safe and risk-free product

Being aware of how products are considered safe is essential to ensure the health of our hair remains intact and other vital factors. Mindfulness of potential risks and dangers associated with using a device should always be considered. Laifen’s dryers are made with overheat protection and overcurrent protection in mind. The dryer features a nylon and glass fiber covering, a high-density filter, and a fire-resistant casing for non hazardous use. 

How to purchase Laifen’s hair dryer?

The Laifen Swift High-Speed Hair Dryer and The Laifen Swift Special High-Speed Hair Dryer can be purchased through their website. Additional accessories, such as their quick styling nozzle, travel bag for Laifen’s hair dryer, and a magnetic wall mount for Laifen’s hair dryer, are also available. With such an easy and quick shopping and checkout experience, the hardest part is choosing your hair dryer’s color! Ruby red, matte black, silver blue, and pearl white are Laifen’s available color choices.

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