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[An Interview] with Kara Peterson of A Curl Girl

Kara Peterson

A Curl Girl

Today, we’re featuring Kara Peterson, one of our lovely hairstylists in Wood Cross, UT! Kara works with all curl types and is also a Certified Hair Loss Specialist.

Here are a few questions we asked Kara Peterson to know more about her and learn about what inspires her!

Question: Tell us about you and how you got started as a hairstylist

Answer: It was something I was always interested in. My parents were both teachers and I did well in school so I felt like I was expected to do something more academic and never pursued (also never ended up going to college). My husband and I worked for an airline until Sept 11th happened. We both took decent pay cuts and didn’t want to rely on just an airline anymore. I finally got to go back to school for what I truly was interested in. I also was very excited to learn about my own curls (also didn’t happen).

Question: What do you love the most about kinky, coily and curly hair?

Answer: Every head of curls is so different and can have such variety. Each type of curl has its own personality and beauty. I love the 3-dimensionality tight curls can have and the shape they take in space. It’s like creating a sculpture.

Question: What’s your favorite go-to-hair-regimen you like to share with your clients?

Answer: It’s all about the hydration for the curls. Tending to the scalp is also important. Washing your scalp to keep it healthy and conditioning the ends.

Question: What favorite products will you like to share with us?

Answer: It’s hard to pick a favorite! Innersense Inner Peace, Hair Love Prep Spray- Deva Curl B’Leave In.

Question: Do you have a favorite hairstyle?

Answer: I love some BIG hair. Whether it is defined or full and free!

Question: What do you consider a good hair day?

Answer: For myself, it is when my curls bounce and I have some fullness.

Question: What inspires you to do what you do?

Answer: Growing up with curls, I never knew what to do with them and was often frustrated or wanted to change them. I want to teach others to appreciate what they have and get the results they want.

Question: If someone is looking to join the trade, what advice would you give them?

Answer: So worth it. There is nothing like being able to change the way people feel.

Question: How are you using CurleeMe to grow your business?

Answer: It is a great way to get exposure to a new group of people, both guests and stylists. I love learning from others.

Question: What achievements in your career or life are you most proud of?

Answer: Teaching stylists all over the US and Canada sharing my knowledge. Most of all, apprenticing my daughter. Being happy every day at work and enjoying every moment.

Question: How can we contact you?

Visit our CurleeMe Profile to view our contact information and ways to connect.

Question: What social media channels can one follow you?

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Question: Any advice you would like to give Curlees out there?

Answer: Love what you have and appreciate that your curls have their own personality. Every day is different. Embrace each day and your curls.

Kara Peterson

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