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[An Interview] with Delia King of Sunshine’s Braids and Beauty

Today, we would like to introduce you to hairstylist Delia King of Sunshine’s Braids and Beauty based out of Overland Park, KS. Here are a few questions we asked her to know more about her and the love she has for natural hair care.

Question: What are your specialities?

Answer: I am a natural hair care specialist, natural hair stylist, loctician, colorist, weave specialist and master braider

Question: Tell us more about what you do and how you got started

Answer: I love everything that involves hair. Watch my interview with the salon chat on YouTube

Question: What do you love the most about kinky, coily and curly hair?

Answer: I love the versatility and resilience

Question: What’s your go to hair regimen?

Answer: The shampoo and leave-in using different products based on textures and curl patterns

Question: What are your favorite products?

Answer: Keune color, MG217 for seboric dermatitis and I love the Avalon line

Question: What is your favorite hairstyle?

Answer: A blowout

Question: What do you consider a good hair day?

Answer: When it’s already done when you wake up

Question: What inspires you to do what you do?

Answer: I was adopted and I always wanted to change the way I felt about myself

Question: If someone is looking to join the trade, what advice would you give them?

Answer: Take in all the advice given cause this industry is forever evolving and you will never know everything

Question: What achievements in your career or life are you most proud of?

Answer: Graduating Paul Mitchell

Question: What’s your personal Motto?

Answer: Healthy hair is how I care

Question: How can we contact you?

Visit my CurleeMe Profile to view my contact information and ways to connect.

Question: What social media channels can one follow you?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook

Question: Any advice you would like to give naturals out there?

Answer: Keep it natural

View Delia’s Business Profile

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