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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Your Natural Hair With Confidence

How are you wearing your natural hair these days? Our hair, beautifully and uniquely made, doesn’t need permission to steal the show. Our hair is a stand-alone art piece and confidently wearing it is one of the best feelings. 

So much of society has pushed us to hide the beauty of our kinks and coils. Many are unaware of how to rock their natural hair due to years of damaging hair practices affecting their decision to give their hair another chance. If you often find yourself second guessing your confidence, here is the ultimate guide to wearing your hair with the confidence you deserve:

Stop the Comparison 

Patience is a virtue when caring for and rocking our natural hair. Feeling overwhelmed and discouraged are expected when we look around and compare ourselves to the outcome of others. Comparison steals the opportunity to be inspired and takes away from embracing our journey. Stop the comparison, be fair to yourself and your curls, and watch your confidence shine through a process you can confidently own.

Connect With a Community

Finding a natural hair care community you can connect with, is a great way to surround ourselves with hair support and inspiration. A like-minded community can serve as a support group through the sharing of hair journeys, tips, products, and encouragement. A community helps spread positivity through different phases. Connecting with another curly friend through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is easy. Hairstylist directories such as ours, can also connect you with professional stylists who offer routine visits and host events, workshops, & online courses for kinky, coily, and curly hair care. Suitable education can help fill in the gaps of questions and connect the dots of uncertainty.

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Experiment With Styles That You Like

Try switching things up! Who says you must stick to one style? Experimenting with techniques to determine your favorites is always an exciting way to boost confidence. Discovering ways to revamp your natural flairs takes your confidence to another level.

Work on Flexibility

Natural styles, especially when it comes to twist-outs and wash-and-go’s, are unique. It is an unrealistic expectation to hope that your curls will always mirror a previous style. Be flexible with your hair, so your confidence doesn’t take a hit during a slight alteration. Reaching for a few bobby pins and pinning a few curls off to the side is okay. Pivoting when necessary can help bolster your confidence and eliminate frustration.  

Share Your Natural Hair Journey

Sometimes the best way to own your journey is to share it with others. Many people are interested in reading, connecting, and digging for transparent stories regarding natural hair journeys. Every day, someone somewhere is considering starting over or making a change to the products they use. Your imperfectly perfect journey can inspire and help the hair care community. It can also serve as your accountability tool. Blogging, creating a YouTube channel or TikTok can be a fun way to create an opportunity to build your confidence through interaction. 

Be Patient With the Process

With access to so many products and routines it’s really easy to want to add or change things around frequently.  Be patient, stay the course and allow room for realistic expectations. Confidence is built in truth; the more truth is embraced, the better the wait becomes. 

It is possible to confidently wear your hair with healthy hair care. Use these tips to help navigate through trusting the process.  

Jalisa Bannerman
Jalisa Bannerman

Jalisa Bannerman is an author, poet, and freelance writer based in Michigan. She is most passionate about motherhood and loves to take on new experiences.

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