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How to Confidently Wear Your Natural Hair

How to Confidently Wear Your Natural Hair

Learning how to wear our natural hair confidently is a major part of our natural hair journey. After transitioning for a year, I finally did the “big chop.” I was left with a "teeny weeny afro," also known as a TWA. One thing for sure, I was not used to such short...

7 Simple Ways to Repair Damaged Natural Hair

7 Simple Ways to Repair Damaged Natural Hair

Take a few minutes to look at your hair. Is it dull? Is it frizzy? Is it dry or is it rough to the touch? If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, chances are you are experiencing damaged hair. Hair damage usually refers to damage to the outer layer of...

What is Low and High Hair Porosity?

What is Low and High Hair Porosity?

Did you know that your hair type isn’t the only factor you should consider when trying to find the right products for your hair? Your hair’s porosity is actually a better indicator to help you determine how a product will perform. So, what is hair porosity? Hair...

My 4B Hair Wash Day Routine

My 4B Hair Wash Day Routine

I feel like my wash day routine has changed throughout my natural hair journey. It’s OK if your routine changes as your hair needs change. Some people change their routines based on seasons, but because I live in Los Angeles, and the weather is mostly the same...

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